by August-OH!

I didn't wanna get emotional, but it has hit me once again that I was so close to getting out of the city I've lived in for far too long. Today starts the Freshman Orientation at the Savannah College of Art & Design. It's a little depressing to realize that the chance might not come up again. But, without it, I couldn't have decided to comick-- not a great alternative, but it's rather sufficient, I must say. And without comicking, I wouldn't have found this site.

I don't wanna get preachy, but sometimes shit hits the fan because you just need a new fan. Not the deepest thought, but I'm a bit sleep-deprived. Anywho. I think I'll be around for a while. :3


By the way, I won't be posting an emotion-inducing comic just because of this little thought... probably.
See you Tuesday, I s'pose.


Peace, love, and McNuggets.

by August-OH!

Today, I finally beat Majora's Mask. I felt awesome about it. The end.


I thought I had something else to say, but it hath escapeth me. So, yeah. Blog.

Community College
by August-OH!

So far, everything's fine. Teachers are a'ight. Workload so far is a'ight. Everything's just a'ight.

I've been drawing comics in class, because that's what cool kids do. I have 3 classes and that 1 art class that keeps failing to exist no matter which course it is. I am so damn frustrated. So I decided to rant via blog, because-- again-- that's what cool kids do.

Aside from all this crap, I'm having a goodish time. I'm not a very social person, so I might be an introvert for the first half of this semester, which'll suck, but eh. Maybe it'll be different, ya know?

Also, I want a Minnesotan accent. It'd be the bomb diggity.

Also also, I have something to add to my brand spankin' new bucket list:

I want to coin at least one hundred words before I die.

Damn right, I have goals.
Fuh shizzy.

Hope you enjoy my comics. I'll hopefully some new styles in the near future. Till then~

Late Registration
by August-OH!

Today, I was at San Antonio College, the place I'm going for the first chapter in my post-education education gobbledygook. I more technologically capable than most of the people there. It was surprising. There are so many damn hoops to jump through for this crap. Jebus.

Anywho, that was as much rant as I could rant about. Speaking of ranting, have you ever heard of Project Rant on YouTube? There are a few awesome ones. Especially "To the Man Who Farted in the Produce Section" or something like that. Well... it was awesome at 4 in the morning...


Alright. I have officially lined up six or so comics for the next few weeks, just in case. And I have an arsenal of ideas ready to throw at you in the upcoming months. Everything's gonna be a'ight.



Fo shizzy.

'Ello, Darlin'
by August-OH!

Lately I've been in an electronica mood when it comes to what I jam to. That's totally irrelevant, but that's how I feel. And I want to be honest with my readers... whoever they are.

Anywho. Today's second comic is a design I came up with because I just thought that specific quote was worthy of a design. Hell, I'd put it on a shirt and wear it. Hmmmm....

I have four more design ideas, which I'll be working on along with the scheduled comics. I'm starting to slow down with the obnoxious influx of comics that I throw at ComicFury everyday, which clogs up the main page and such. I plan to reduce it to one on Tuesday and Thursday, and maybe Sunday if I reeaaaallly feel like it.


Straight up.
Peace, love, an' chicken grease.